SHOCK: Democrats Introduce Legislation to Ban Christian Counseling

Bible believing Christians trust that the same Jesus who was raised from the dead, the same Jesus who transformed the lives of those precious souls Paul was writing to in Corinth, can change lives today. We believe that because we have experienced such change. We ourselves have walked away from natural desires, un-chosen predispositions, and culturally celebrated temptations that dishonor God’s will for us, and have found our identity not in our lusts and urges, but in Christ.

Democrats in Washington may find the power of Jesus “fraudulent,” but the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage they will inflict on those they pretend to help is the most devastating, sickening, and demonic part of all. May those of us committed to truth remember that no person should be legally denied the full counsel of God, the redemptive power of the cross, and the hope of real change.
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