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One Easy Way to Tell if a Reporter Knows What He’s Talking About in #GA06

By  |  April 19, 2017, 10:19am  |  @ewerickson

There have already been several reporters who have done this overnight and it is the number one tip that they know absolutely nothing about Georgia politics, the dynamics of the special election, or Karen Handel. They have referred to her as “establishment.”

In fact, Chris Cilizza at CNN noted she was establishment and “country club.” He had to be corrected. It is simply not true.

In 2010, Karen Handel defied virtually all of the GOP establishment to become Secretary of State. When, four years later, she ran for Governor, the GOP establishment lined up against her and, when she made it into the runoff, they threw everything they had at her. They, not Democrats, called her a closet lesbian, highlighted she was childless, claimed she promoted gay rights, etc.

When she ran for the Senate, they did the same thing.

This morning, Republican leaders across Georgia are lining up behind Karen Handel. Almost to a person they were privately trying to sabotage her bid, deny her fundraising dollars, and stop her. Now, having been unable to stop her, they will pour themselves into the race in hopes she goes to Washington and leaves them the hell alone.

Karen Handel, like Nikki Haley in South Carolina, is a reformer’s reformer. She believes in transparency, is not afraid to fight the good old boy network, and is willing to shake up the status quo. When reporters call her “establishment” or “country club” they have no idea what they are talking about and should not be listened to when it comes to this race or Georgia politics. They discredit themselves.