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No, a Study Did Not Show That Same-Sex “Marriage” Laws Reduce Teen Suicide Rates

By  |  February 24, 2017, 11:31am  |  @stevengberman

In case you thought that a recent study paraded by CNN and other news outlets as proof positive that same sex marriage has saved scores of young people’s lives everywhere, William M. Briggs has the answer. It’s not what the media thinks.

Briggs holds a Ph.D. from Cornell in statistics. You (and the main stream media) need to read this. The media especially needs to read it lest they embarrass themselves any further.

Think: putting Ebola in the model works equally well with gmarriage to explain the data. So do the disasters of those crashing Malaysian airliners, or the fighting in Ukraine and Crimea. So does the 2014 Winter Olympics! And the death of sad-funny-man Robin Williams (all mentioned by ABC).

Or any of an uncountable number of events. The truth is the data do not say, and cannot say, what caused the observed changes. It is sloppy statistics — it is bad science, period — to suggest the one thing the authors thought of had to be the one and only cause of the changes.