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Newt Gingrich Makes the Most Sense for VP

By  |  May 23, 2016, 03:30pm  |  @ewerickson

National Review has some reporting on the close relationship between the Trump campaign and Newt Gingrich. According to the report, Gingrich and Trump talk every day.

Gingrich is the one guy Trump could pick who would ameliorate a lot of the concerns of the establishment, the donors, and the grassroots. There would still be issues highlighted by this unfortunate Ed Rollins quote that made me laugh:

“I think Newt is lobbying to be the vice president, and I think their people are paying a lot of attention to him,” says Ed Rollins, a Republican operative and former Gingrich staffer now working for a super PAC supporting Trump’s candidacy. “It’d be a ticket with six former wives, kind of like a Henry VIII thing,” Rollins says. “They certainly understand women.”

But Gingrich is an ideas guy who already has Trump’s ear. Picking Newt would also take Georgia completely off the table for the Democrats as Newt is still beloved in the northern Atlanta suburbs. Newt would get a number of conservatives on board as well. Thought Newt has had a rocky relationship of late with some of the GOP Establishment, the man who got the GOP out of the wilderness in 1994 is someone to whom they would not turn up their nose.

Gingrich would be a smart pick for Trump.