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What the President Said Is True, Whether You Like It Or Not

The left is leaving no ground to compromise on this issue. They will leave no Confederate monument in the ground. And with no room to compromise I suspect they will not like it when very many Americans who may not care for the President wind up standing with him against the left. And the left can scream and cry bigotry all they want, but they will thankfully be shut out of power for another electoral cycle.

American leftists have decided if you are not with them, you are evil and worth silencing. They will allow no alternative opinions and they will allow no dissent. They will not even allow people the courtesy of neutrality. So the average American will probably give them an electoral middle finger, deservedly so.

Like it or not, the President made some fair and reasonable points in yesterday’s press conference. That the media melted down over them says more about the press than the President and suggests the media will yet again misjudge the lay of the political landscape.
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Where Are the Evangelical Super Very Best Friends?

When Jared Kushner went before the Senate, Donald Trump’s evangelical super very best friends rushed out with coordinated statements saying Kushner is a great guy. When Trump defended Planned Parenthood, they defended Trump. Some of them even defended his Access Hollywood tape.

So where are they now? Will they dare come out to defend the President’s moral equivocating? Or will they have the decency to publicly, even if diplomatically, suggest the President got it wrong. My guess is that they will use the President’s most recent statement to claim he got it right, but everyone needs to notice that they were silent on Saturday.

They were silent in their pulpits. Well, not all of them. Franklin Graham had the audacity to defend the President’s Saturday comments on his Facebook page.
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Quote of the Day
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"
- Martin Luther King Jr.