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Knockout Game Claims Another Victim

By  |  October 5, 2017, 04:00pm  |  @WriterRocky

The rules of the despicable “Knockout Game” are pretty simple — a cowardly thug sneaks up on an unsuspecting person from behind, and without any warning, punches the victim as hard as possible. Because the victim isn’t expecting the attack and usually doesn’t see it coming, the injuries suffered can be very serious. Sometimes even fatal.

For example, police suspect that an 18-year-old cowardly thug named Alejandro Maldonado is the person caught on surveillance camera sneaking up behind a 30-year-old man to throw a sucker punch that put his victim in the hospital for three days.

This isn’t a kid having fun playing a game; this is attempted murder.

I can’t help but notice that Alejandro Maldonado is Hispanic, and his victim was wearing a red cap. Given the disturbing nature of this video, a jury may only need about two seconds to reach a verdict when the accused stands trial.

If the hat happened to say “Make America Great Again” and Mr. Maldonado is found guilty of this hateful crime, he should be deported immediately after serving his full sentence in prison at hard labor. Building a border wall…