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Israel’s Enemies Better Watch Out, Now It’s ‘Indestructible’

By  |  February 9, 2017, 09:00am  |  @stevengberman

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Chuck Norris to Israel with this comment.

Listen, Israel is strong, but…it’s indestructible now.

Who can dispute that having Norris on your side in a fight is pretty awesome?

“I think we can tell our security people to leave,” the PM said. “We don’t need them anymore.”

“Believe me, you’ll always have my support,” Norris said, looking Netanyahu straight in the eye. It’s obvious there’s a connection between the two.

Norris has always been a friend of Israel and a supporter of Netanyahu. He even starred in a campaign ad for the PM’s 2013 re-election bid, which our then-President Barack Obama vehemently opposed.

There’s no question that among bad-asses, Norris occupies the Alpha Male spot. Even his Christmas videos are hard as nails (also from 2013).