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Did Paul Manafort Trump Trump On Pence?

By  |  July 15, 2016, 01:49pm  |  @ewerickson

First check out this Dana Bash tweet:

Now, yesterday I was speaking in Cleveland to the VRWC and I noticed that Robert Costa had tweeted that Trump wanted Christie, the kids wanted Newt, and Manafort wanted Pence.

This is all starting to make some sense.

A number of prominent Republicans at the VRWC meeting had heard Manafort orchestrated Pence’s nomination. Essentially, Manafort was on the ground in Cleveland where all the reporters were. He got Pence on the plane to New York and leaked that it was Pence before Trump or the family could change their minds.

Again, just rumor, but this all seems to fit now.

Yesterday, the Trump campaign denied it after “senior Republican officials in Cleveland” had confirmed it. Then Trump did multiple Fox interviews where he said he had not made up his mind while Republicans were still confirming Pence was the VP nominee. By 8pm last night the Trump campaign had pivoted to “Mr. Trump needs to speak for himself.”

In other words, Trump was not wedding to Pence and someone (Manafort?) in the campaign boxed him in.

What a poop show.