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Dems in Philly: Fight Trump, Not ISIS

By  |  July 26, 2016, 05:00am  |  @ewerickson

It was humorous to listen to Democrat after Democrat lament the state of the Obama economy where the poor are getting poorer and only the rich can get anything passed in Washington.

Donald Trump could not have scripted a better convention for himself. Throughout the night, effeminate Bernie Bros cried and jeered and chanted for Bernie. They lashed out at Senator Pocahontas for betraying them by standing with Hillary. Actually, Warren never said, “I’m with her,” just “We’re with her.”

But most striking of all was what was not there. The Democrats celebrated illegal aliens, some tried to justify and rationalize murdering police officers, they all attacked Trump, but not a damn soul in prime time bothered to mention the war against Islamic radicalism or ISIS.

Continuing in Barack Obama’s footsteps, the Democrats has far nastier things to say about the GOP and Donald Trump than about ISIS and Islamic radicals. That is rather telling and rather shameful.

The Democrats view the GOP as the bad guy, while thinking ISIS is misunderstood. They would plant trees that grow money so everything can be free while powering America with unicorn farts and jackalope dreams. But they will only fight Republicans and Christians, not Islamic Radicals.