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Comparing All the Candidates

By  |  January 11, 2016, 09:45am  |  @ewerickson

The Leadership Project for America PAC has a new candidate matrix up. The matrix purports to compare and grade all the candidates for President, Democrat and Republican, on their positions and policies. The group is Republican leaning so, as you can imagine, the Democrats do not fair very well.

Trump gets an F, Rubio an A-, Cruz a B+, Kasich a C+, Rand Paul a C, etc. You can view subgrades and compare the candidates. The grading, naturally, will make it controversial. Why, for example, is Rubio higher that Cruz and Kasich higher than Paul (!!!)? What is useful, however, is that the site lets you see the underlying data in the full profile of the candidates, so you get a sense of the biases that make up the score, but also good detail on the candidates’ positions.

You can check out the matrix here.