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Cheeto Jesus Wins

By  |  July 29, 2016, 05:22pm  |  @stevengberman

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 2.4 million. Viewers, that is. The AP just reported that Trump’s Neilsen ratings of 32.2 million drew more viewers than Clinton’s 29.8 million.

Trump beat Mitt Romney’s 2012 speech by 1.9 million, but neither held a candle to John McCain’s 38.9 million in 2008. The Democrats beat the Republicans on every night except night 4 (when the nominee speaks) this year. That’s to be expected because the Democrats’ lineup included Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and President Obama. No former presidents or First Ladies headlined at the Trump Circus.

In 2012, Obama drew 35.7 million, a drop from 2008 when he was just shy of McCain at 38.3 million.

Trump has not yet crowed about his victory on Twitter. But of course we know he can’t resist, because it’s all about the ratings to Cheeto Jesus.