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Faith and Culture

Why Your Favorite Sin Is Not Suddenly Okay

Christians accept the nearly 2000 year old doctrine of progressive revelation, or what may better be referred to as incremental revelation. In the Bible, the God who seems aloof and genocidal slowly reveals the nature of His relationship between Him and us and between each of us.

The God who demands Israel wipe out its enemies is the same God who commands us to turn the other cheek in the New Testament. He is the same God who commands we love one another and is the same God who died on the cross that we might live. He did not change. He just, over time, revealed more fully His expectations of us.
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You’d Think Someone Got Murdered in Nashville

They called it “hatred,” “bigotry,” “mean spiritedness” and more. What these liberals are complaining about is something called “The Nashville Statement.”

The Nashville Statement does not do anything new. In fact, it is quite ancient. But to the left, which has no sense of history, The Nashville Statement is a new form of bigotry and nastiness. I dare say the people screaming about The Nashville Statement will be wailing and gnashing their teeth on Judgment Day and the reaction is a reason you should sign the statement.

All the Nashville Statement does is affirm two thousand years of Christian orthodoxy. All it says are two things the New Testament scripture affirms. God made mankind male and female and homosexuality is a sin.

These are consistent, timeless, Biblical principles. They are not new, but they need to be reaffirmed today because as we are seeing, a grand number of secularists and heretics have decided to shout down, smear, and ruin any Christian who stands for Biblical orthodoxy.
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Quote of the Day
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"
- Martin Luther King Jr.