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BREAKING: Comey Undermines Trump Wiretap Tweets

By  |  March 20, 2017, 11:16am  |  @stevengberman

FBI Director Comey just testified before the House Intelligence Committee that his agency has “no information to support those tweets,” referring to President Trump’s claim that former President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower.


Under questioning from Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff, Comey repeated several times that “the FBI and the Department of Justice have no information to support those tweets.”

Comey denied that any individual in the U.S. government could authorize or conduct a wiretap. He wouldn’t comment on any allegations of McCarthyism, wittily replying that he avoids all “-isms.”

This drops the floor out from the president’s claims of wiretapping or use of British CGHQ assets to conduct surveillance against Trump or his associates during the campaign.

This is developing as the hearings go on…