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DUMB: BLM Activist Shaun King Accuses Philadelphia Eagles of Racism for Refusing to Sign Kaepernick

Football is a sport. Professional football is a sports-related entertainment business. The distinction matters. Businesses exist to make money. Period. End of sentence; end of debate. Any business that fails to satisfy the customer’s expectations is doomed.

That’s a simple fact of life that seems to have eluded leadership of social justice causes. Enter Shaun King, professional agitator.

Of course, to actually understand business one would actually have to work for a living, rather than constantly trying to foment racial tensions to turn a quick buck, but it’s obviously much easier to make demonstrably false claims about an NFL franchise so people donate to the cause. So King recently tweeted that Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie had publicly announced that his team would never sign QB Colin Kaepernick because of his kneeling protest of the national anthem.

The only problem is that the tweet wasn’t remotely close to being true.
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