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The One Thing I Trust About Donald Trump

But there is one thing I trust Donald Trump on. It is the one thing Trump has been consistent on. Every clause of every sentence uttered in every breath by Donald Trump is subject to change, reversal, revision,deletion, or expiration. It has been his one amazing consistency. He is a pathological liar who will say or do anything to get himself where he wants and get what he wants. But he has never shown a willingness to do unpopular things and fight.
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This Year Sucks. But I Wouldn’t Trade It.

Our process is messy, but it is done in public, not back rooms. It is done by us, not to us. Whether we like it or not, it is a reflection of us and our national character. While I may not like any of the candidates running, I wouldn’t trade this process for any other on earth.

We have no king. We have no Parliament. We have the old constitutional democracy in the world still going and we are not afraid to put it on display warts and all. These last two weeks have been grueling, exhausting, and demoralizing for me. But I would not trade it for the world. It makes me excited and proud to be an American. It makes me proud of the passion of the Trump supporters and the Clinton supporters and the people who hate them all.
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