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This is Not the Behavior of An Innocent Man

This is not the behavior of an innocent man, but I don’t think the President is guilty. I think he is prone to rash judgment, impulsive behavior, and like an addict must want help before allowing himself to be helped. Right now, President Trump does not want help even though he needs an intervention.

And that provides Robert Mueller everything he needs to keep the investigation going and to keep expanding it. Give a prosecutor enough time and money, and he’ll find some crime with which to nab you. President Trump and his family just keep making Mueller’s job easy for him.
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Maybe the President Understands the Public Better Than The Talking Heads Do

According to Bloomberg’s polling, the media is giving 75% of its attention to the Russia investigation and only 6% of Americans think that is the most important news of the day. 35% of Americans think healthcare is the most important news and the media is giving that only 4% of its attention. On top of that, 10% of the public thinks immigration is the biggest issue and the media is giving zero coverage to that topic.

If the President gets his wall and gets a GOP win on healthcare, he probably thinks he can do whatever he wants on the Russia investigation. Like it or not, he is going to be President for a while and as the media continues to chase this story, the public continues to not give a damn about it.
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Quote of the Day
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"
- Martin Luther King Jr.