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Daily Archives: July 6, 2017

Linda Sarsour Calls For Jihad Against Trump

While being a public figure for quite some time, Sarsour rose to prominence as the co-chair of the 2017 women’s march against Donald Trump. Many critics point to the irony of a person defending Shariah Law while also being considered a women’s rights advocate. For her part, Sarsour carries top liberal bona fides. She was a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, a vocal surrogate for Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign and is a sharp opponent of President Trump. She is a frequent guest on the “Rachel Maddow Show”.

Sarsour also has a serious rap sheet of sympathetic statements towards radical Islam. Now she is calling for jihad against President Trump.
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President Trump Believes Russia Interfered In The Election. The Press Says He Does Not.

Here is video evidence. The President of the United States says he believes Russia interfered in the American election. He said it. But headlines around America today claim the President “stopped short” of saying it.

You can hear him for yourself. He says it. He believes the Russians interfered. He thinks others might have as well, as do I. But the media refuses to credit the President with saying this because the President will not follow it up by claiming Hillary Clinton was robbed of the election. That’s what the press wants.
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Cruz Healthcare Bill Amendment Gets Traction

House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows broke from withholding comment on the process in the Senate to tweet that he is in favor of the health care bill currently making its way through the Senate if an amendment to the bill offered by Sen. Ted Cruz is a part of it.

The text of the Cruz amendment hasn’t been publicly released, but it is being circulated on typed handouts. It would allow insurance companies to offer plans that did not meet certain Affordable Care Act requirements if they also offer plans that do. In allowing such plans to be sold, insurers would be able to offer more affordable plans that don’t adhere to ObamaCare’s insurance regulations to individuals who don’t necessarily need or want to pay for certain coverage.
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Democrats Give Up on Impeaching Trump

Democrats are walking a very fine line here. To rally their base, they need them thinking Democrat leaders will take out Trump. But to get the rest of the votes they need, they need everyone to realize they are not going to impeach Trump. So instead, they’ll try to pivot to find common ground on economic issues.
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Quote of the Day
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"
- Martin Luther King Jr.