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BREAKING: Attack on Church Leaves One Dead, Eight Wounded.

By John Leonard | September 25, 2017

Donald Trump Did Not Start This. But He Will Finish It. And He Will Win.

The reality is this — there is no way for the NFL or the left to win this. They either destroy football or they stop the protests. And if they stop the protests, Trump declares himself the winner. Neither side is going to back down and that only helps Donald J. Trump. Heck, Trump has been President for only eight months and he already has the left on its knees before him. Looks like he’s winning.
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Divide and Conquer Is a Winning Strategy for Donald Trump

Political liberals in the United States viewed Barack Obama as a unifying force, but the reality is that he was quite divisive. He pitted urban elites against rural voters who, in his words, “bitterly cling to their guns and religion.” He pitted black voters against white voters. He pitted the young against the old. He pitted secular voters against religious voters. He pitted men against women. Your unwillingness to acknowledge this is a measure of your partisanship. His tenor and tone, which he even admitted and apologized for in his last State of the Union address, contributed to the risk of Donald Trump.

I won’t expect people who think the Iran deal will keep Iran from getting nukes to be honest enough to admit this, but it is true.

And now Donald Trump has taken the divisiveness of Barack Obama and put it on steroids.

And Trump’s greatest asset and secret weapon in his divide and conquer strategy is the American left.
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